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Para-BacTM is a proprietary combination of natural, facultative anaerobic bacteria used in oil well operations to control paraffin chains of length C16 and above with an emphasis on longer carbon chains. Para-BacTM can disperse, dissolve, and prevent paraffin deposition through its metabolic by-products, such as biosurfactants, organic acids, ketones, and alcohols. Para-BacTM is used in high temperature applications about 240oF.  


Application of Para-BacTM can result in cleansing of the formation face, production string, flowline, production vessels, and tanks. Para-BacTM also increases the oils ability to dissolve paraffin while decreasing its cloud point/pour point. Reservoir permeability in the  immediate wellbore region is also improved due to paraffin removal and biosurfactant production. 

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HC shift and increased light fractions. 


We treat to eliminate paraffin as a problem. No well that has been under treatment has had to be pulled in a year of treating. We can eliminate the need for chemical treatments and hot oiling.  

 We have SPE papers and articles regarding the treatment of paraffin in the Permian Basin.  Also, we have gas chromatographs showing the reduction of viscosity, pour points and cloud points and a shift in the hydrocarbon chain for the wells we have been treating for paraffin.  

      A stripper well in the Permian Basin received treatments for paraffin control. After just four treatments, barrels a day went from 1 to 5.

Click the below links to see the full data read out on two Permian Basin Wells.

Permian Basin Well #1 (coming soon)

Permian Basin Well #2  (coming soon)


pour point and relative viscosity



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